What does WIJeindhoven offer?

If you need temporary support, WIJeindhoven will work with you to find the possible options. WIJeindhoven does not provide a ready-made solution because there is no such thing. Every problem demands its own approach to finding a solution, tailored to your own situation and needs while you maintain control of your life and do what you are capable of.

Find your WIJteam

When you need us, contact us on +31 (0)40 238 89 98 or info@wijeindhoven.nl. We will arrange an appointment with you and we will consult together. We will then consider what options are available. These are often close at hand; with neighbours, people you know in your street, family, friends or acquaintances. If necessary, we can look further and call on specialists to assist.


Emergency youth assistance
Call 088 - 0666 999 (24 hours a day access)

Emergency adult assistance
For acute, threatening crisis situations between 09.00 and 17.00 call one of the following contacts:

  • Your own General Practitioner (GP)
  • Police 0900 - 8844
  • Mental Health Services 040 - 2613 800
  • Emergency number 112

Outside business hours you can contact:

  • GP Service 0900 - 8861
  • Police 0900 - 8844
  • Crisis service at Mental Health 040 - 2613 800
  • Emergency Number 112


How we see things at WIJeindhoven

People are capable of managing many things for themselves and are happy to maintain control over their own lives, even if they (temporarily) need support. People are all unique and have their own talents. But circumstances can sometimes cause these talents to become inundated. This may produce a need for support. This is why WIJeindhoven exists.

Dare to ask

Asking for help is very powerful. You need courage and confidence to do this. We notice that support works best when you get it from someone you choose. Someone you trust and like to spend time with. Someone who stands beside you and gives you advice; a listening ear and a helping hand. At the same time, you need to do things yourself. You are responsible for your own behaviour and the choices you make, including their effects.

Our organisation

The WIJeindhoven Foundation acts as implementing organisation of primary statutory duties imposed on the city of Eindhoven in the overall social domain. This includes all outpatient services support related to income, participation, Youth and Social Support Legislation 2015, which is not of a specialist nature.

We do this in a generalist context by specifying team-based generalists and by providing needs-based outpatient support. We want to increase levels of self-reliance of inhabitants and promote their levels of participation.

WIJeindhoven provides a fundamental contribution to the development of relevant policies of the City of Eindhoven in the broad social domain.